Advantages of Spirulina as a Poultry Supplement (Broilers)

Advantages of Spirulina as a Poultry Supplement (Boilers)

Spirulina is a superfood that can be consumed by all marine and terrestrial beings. Even though the Poultry market size has reached US$ 196 Billion, there are so many factors that hinder the market. Nutrition profile, Size, Pigmentation, and Weight are a few of those hindering factors. Spirulina contains all important amino acids, Vitamins, and other nutrients that are essential for chicken. Spirulina has been incorporated as poultry feed as a novel initiative and chickens turned to be healthier, infection less with a consistent growth with Spirulina feed.

Enhances Meat and Yolk Coloration

Meat color in broilers is one of the essential factors that is used to evaluate meat quality by the customers. Spirulina is rich in carotenoids and has proved to show visible results in Meat and Yolk when properly fed to broilers and layers. Meat coloration in broilers is mainly occurred due to the accumulation of Zeaxanthin that is vastly present in Spirulina. Zeaxanthin increases the yellowness and redness in broilers and makes me meat more visually craving.

Increases Meat Shelflife

The shelflife of the meat is directly affected by the nutritious cycle of the broilers. The other factors that have an effect on Shelflife are the growth environment and treatment given to the broilers. The process of decay in meat happened due to a process called Oxidative Deterioration. This happens in the muscle tissues of the meat. Lipid oxidation occurs due to the presence of excessive polyunsaturated fatty acids(PUFA). Spirulina controls the PUFA present in the broilers and slows down lipid oxidation, which in turn increases the shelflife of the meat.

Increases Weight and Reduces Mortality Rate

Spirulina is packed with all essential nutrients with a protein content of about 60%. Spirulina is easy to digest and improves the gut health of the broilers. The rich amino acid content in spirulina provides resistance to various tropical and seasonal disease in the broilers. Spirulina-fed broilers have shown fast growth and increase in muscle formation, resulting in healthy chicken. Fatty acids and amino acids present in spirulina make the chicken muscle, fleshy, tender, and nutritious.

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