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Proteios Green Pvt Ltd entered in to a Strategic Alliance Partnership with Helixion Biosciences Pvt. Ltd as we enter the new Year 2023. Helixion Biosciences team will be working closely with Proteios team to help develop B2B Market channels for Spirulina & will work closely with our product development team on getting new Algal Products/ concentrates in to the market.

Helixion Biosciences Pvt. ltd. is a Biotech start up with their corporate office in Hyderabad. This is a Biotechnology company founded 2 years back where their vision has been to be a Research-based company working on different advanced Bio-Molecules extracted from both Plant & Animal source. They have their R&D lab with a team of Biotech Scientists working on such products, based in Lucknow.

Ptoteios Green & Helixion Biosciences compliments each other in their vision to support Healthcare/Personal care & wellness segment with there range of research-based products of Natural origin & the start of this new partnership together cements our future endeavors.

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