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Making Earth A Better Place To Live

A Commitment to contribute to global sustainablity

We are one of the Elite Indian organization to establish micro algae production on a large scale with a State of Art Technology, with international technical Collaborations for advanced cultivation, production & extraction processes and product development.

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We intend on minimizing carbon foot prints on the environment and inculcate the same values in our operations. We are commited strongly in providing high quality micro-algae products for human  and animal nutrition in a sustainable, reliable and eco-friendly customs.


Attaining global sustainability in Food, Good health and environment demand and positioning India in Global Algae industry.


Providing highest quality vitamins and carotenoids through cost effective technology in algal cultivation & processing, minimizing carbon footprints.

Product Quality

We apply modernized technology

Our unique scientific capabilities enable us to deliver what we believe to be one of the most productive pipelines in the industry. Innovations from PROTEIOS GREEN are supporting healthier living and diets for all by addressing global well being. We transform natural products into a complete portfolio of ingredients and flavors for foods and beverages, supplements, nutrition for healthy living.

Research & Development

We prioritize extensive research and development


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